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-- My name is John Egbert. And today.. Today is the day I fight. This day is the day I die. This is the day I fight to my death. Today will be my final farewell. I am writing this down on this scrap of paper, and I have no clue what I will do once I get there. I will only have light on my side. Whoever finds this, burn it in the bleeding fires. My name shall not be known. It will be lost in spaces unknown. The only name to be is my true name. I am the Heir of Breath. I will fight to my end with my time.  My final goodbye is to those close to me. I ask those to not follow my footsteps, for there will be despair and nothingness. Goodbye.  --

The note stands on his desk.. I feel a tear starting to slip out of my eye. This is no time for tears, Rose. This just might be the last day for the heir. He will be the one to save us all. I stand nothing compared to what he is fighting with. He's the only one who can do this. It will be the last for him, and if he does it correctly, it will be for the rest designed here as well. Dave, Jade, and I, will be the ones to go after him whether he likes it or not. Even if he didn't win the last time, it will be this time around. One chance. That's all he has.

I pick up my phone, and dial a number of a brother.

..."Dave. It's Rose. John went after him." My voice stands tall and calm. Though his is shaking and is breathless, "What? No he didn't.. he wouldn't! Haha, Rose. Very fun-" I cut him off. He's breaking. I can just tell by the sound of his voice. "Dave, would I be calling you if he wasn't going into serious danger?" His breath is getting heavy. I didn't know whether to call Johns sister, or his 'Best bro who actually has a huge homo crush on him which John actually denies'. So, I called Dave. Still not sure if I should have called Jade first. "I.. I don't know, okay!" Yeah, he's lost it. Not completely, though the call ended sooner than I thought.. Not even five minutes. Normally we're on the phone for hours talking about how much crap is on our shoulders.

I go to Johns old computer and log into my account of pesterchum. Dave's pretty freaked out.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead  [TG] --
TT: Dave?
TG: rose not now
TG: john just left us behind
TG: and really im not comfortable with loosing another bro
TG: even though i never thought of him that way
TG: still
TT: I completely understand, Dave. But now is not the time to get mopey about a 'best bro' out on the loose. We need to stop him before he takes out the entire planet.
TG: i know but
TT: But nothing, Dave. You think I don't know how you feel on this subject?
TG: no but i cant deal with loosing someone else close to me
TG: not like this
TT: Dave, I live planets away from a girl who's not even here anymore. She's long gone, and I don't believe either of us saw it coming.
TG: ...
TG: look
TG: i just dont think im comfortable about uh
TG: telling my feelings???
TG: its just
TG: weird

As always, he's being difficult.. Maybe I can just...

TT: You can do that, or have me look through my eyes and find what your feelings towards John are.
TG: god damn it

That's more like the Strider I know.

TG: i just
TG: okay wow
TG: i really dont
TG: i really dont know how to put this at all
TG: all i want is him to fucking get his head straight and not go fight
TG: hes being stupid

Of course though,

TG: i want him back at his place with his dad and
TG: if thats not possible i

He doesn't even know how to put his feelings,

TG: i guess he could uh
TG: come stay
TG: come stay with me

So really,

TG: i dont think he understands
TG: how much fucking trouble hes making for me
TG: you
TG: he doesnt fucking UNDERSTAND AT ALL

I can't get in his head anyway.

TT: Okay, Dave. That's enough. You're fine. John is fine. He's not through the border yet.
TG: tell me what to do rose
TG: where is he
TG: ill go find him
TG: ill bring him back
TG: i can do this
TG: just please
TG: let me bring him back
TG: im fucking begging you right now
TT: Dave.
TG: dont dave me
TG: im fucking serious
TG: ill get him BACK
TT: do you even know who he is dealing with here?
TG: no i dont but let me ask you this
TG: how do you know hes off to fight

I don't even have to look at the note to retype it. It's like brail. I can just move my hand above it to see what it says.

TG: god damn it
TG: hes a trickster alright


TG: he put the note in words of a riddle

I re-read it many times already. But this time it makes sense when I read it.  

--I will only have light on my side. Whoever finds this, burn it in the bleeding fires. My name shall not be known. It will be lost in spaces unknown. The only name to be is my true name. I am the Heir of Breath. I will fight to my end with my time.--

TG: the light is you
TG: space is jade
TG: his time must be me
TG: heir of breath
TG: hes counting on us to be there rose
TG: he riddled you
TT: Well, I do suppose he is a trickster after all.
TG: see what i mean
TG: contact jade
TG: i need to freshen up
TG: after all
TG: i am
TG: his
TG: time
TT: I'll go contact Jade now.
TG: you do that
TG: ill be getting ready
TT: Don't get too carried away.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering turntechGodhead  [TG] --

God damn it, Dave. I can just see him wiggling his eyebrows like he's going to "get the d". That's.. actually really gross, but at the same time it seems kinda.. What the hell is going on with my head. Whatever. Time to message Jade.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --

TT: Hello, Jade.
GG: hi rose!!
TT: I'm sorry that this is not a pleasant start of a conversation, but your brother has gone to fight Jack again.
GG: no he didnt silly!!!!

I type word for word of the note once again, and put out the thoughts Dave and I discussed. She seemed stunned at first, but soon enough she comprehendid what was really going on. As expected, she took this as a joke in the beginning. God, these siblings are up to no good, are they?

GG: oh..
GG: well, i think we should get our things together, and travel like we used to!!!!
GG: no splitting up this time though!!
TT: Good. So we're in this together then.
GG: we're all in this to ge ther!!!!!!
TT: Jade, please don't sing from High School Musical.. Oh dear..
GG: but!!!!
TT: No, Jade.
GG: meanie!

-- gardenGnostic [GG] ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] --

She's been watching too many movies again. She's probably watching it right now.
But even so, the group has been gathered like Johns plan.
I wonder how much Dave was freaking out when John wrote that he was 'his time'..  I can't really see that though. Oh well.

The phone's buzzing.. Oh? It's from an unknown number..


Lalonde, you are about to follow certain footsteps that await nothingness.
Be careful what you might find on your journey to find your friend.

From: Unknown
7:19 pm

Is this another riddle? Or is this just someone trying to intervene with what we're trying to do? This is strange.

From what I hear, Jade, and Dave got the same message from only a person named Unknown. This is concerning. Who could be watching us? Another Seer? Could it be from a troll? Could it be from- no.. it's not possible. She's long gone, and as much as I wish she could, she's not coming back.

Anyways, let's see how Strider is doing..


"Bro," I whisper through my teeth.

"What?" He whispers back, peering over my right shoulder. Jesus christ. He needs to stop  doing that. It's creepy.

"I- we need to talk. Now." I grit my teeth, looking the opposite direction of him. He flashes infront of me, having a unmistakable questioning expression on his face. His eyebrows over his pointy shades look kinda like the way a question mark is formed. He removes his shades, and I go ahead and remove mine. He obviously knows this is serious business. I never grit my teeth or even look the other direction. I just keep my cool, and stare right at him. But this time, oh hell no. Not cool. This is just bullshit.

"Dave? You're spacing out again, dude." My face flusters and I shake my fists. Fuck. Egbert needs to get out of my head. "Dude, you okay?" He chuckles, and raises his arm. I expect to be slapped, but out of no where he pats my head.

"Dude, what's bothering-"

"He left. He fucking left." I don't think I've ever yelled so loud since I was four.
He sighs, cocking his head to the side slightly. He knows exactly who I'm talking about.

"Is there a reason to it?" He's calm. Completely fucking calm, and it pisses me off. He's being chill as ever, and I feel like screaming my head off.

"I don't know, okay? I just, it bugs me that he left a riddle that I had to figure out and now I have to fucking go run after him to get his ass back home-"

"To his home?" My face immediately goes a crimson red. Fuckin' shit. "Chill. He's going to be fine. Just make sure you're going where the dork wants you to go." My face starts to calm down, but I can't help but just stare at the ground beneath me. I feel like the ground is going to cave in. I feel like I'm going to fall.

"I mean, if your boyfriend wants to come here once you're done with what he's gotta do, that's fine with me. Just don't keep me up at night when you're fucking the daylights out of him, and if you do, do it hard, little man. You go, man. You get that D." Oh my god. "He's not my boyfrie-"

"Sure he isn't." He chuckles again. "He's not my fucking boyfriend!" I'm nearly shouting at him, my face is so red right now, if someone saw me like this, I'd be fucking dead.

"So is he like a cuddle boyfriend then?" Jesus Christ. "No..!"

"Does he have yaoi hands, Dave?" What. "What?"

"Yaoi hands. Does he have the yaoi hands." Bro, no. "Sure he does." ...I really don't know what yaoi hands mean, but whatever.

"Can I fuck him instead, Dave." I really can't explain my face right now.

"He's not a homo." He cackles into the ceiling, "Doesn't matter to me, Dave. I'll make him homo." That's gross. Really fucking gross.

"Yeah, bro, I think I'll be taking him into the rainbow. Not you."  I cough in the other direction.

He raises his eyebrows, "Dave, you feeling okay?"  

"Dav-!" Was he screaming? I don't know, but everything is.. is in slow motion..
I'm falling...
Wow, I haven't wrote anything since I was on my old account: :iconrainbownarwhals:

I like how this came out! c:

Characters belong to Andrew Hussie.
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